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==My Reviews==
==My Reviews==
*[[The Big Gundown - 4 Disc Collector's Edition Blu Ray DVD/Review]]
*[[Arizona Colt Returns DVD Review]]
*[[Arizona Colt Returns DVD Review]]
*[[Day of Anger review by Pete R.|Day of Anger]]
*[[Day of Anger review by Pete R.|Day of Anger]]

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  • Name: Pete R.
  • Country: USA
  • Status: Companero/Editor in Chief of The Deuce: Grindhouse Cinema Database and contributor to Furious Cinema the sister sites of The QT Archives and The Spaghetti Western Database.
  • Favorite Spaghetti Westerns: The Dollars Trilogy, Django, Once Upon A Time In The West, My Name is Nobody, Day of Anger, Companeros, The Mercenary, The Great Silence, Minnesota Clay, They Call Me Trinity, Death Rides A Horse, The Sabata Trilogy, The Dirty Outlaws, Keoma, Mannaja, Kill Them All And Come Back Alone and many more!
  • Favorite Drinks: Mescal, Tequila, Corona & Dos Equis Beers

My Reviews