Valdez Is Coming

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Valdez Is Coming (USA / Spain 1971 / Director: Edwin Sherin)

  • Runtime: 90 min
  • Release Date: 9.4.1971

Also known as

Que viene Valdez! (Spain) | Io sono Valdez (Italy) | Valdez przybywa (Poland) | Valdez (West Germany) | Valdez geliyor (Turkey) | Valdez kommt (West Germany) | Valdez on tulossa! (Finland) | Valdez přichází (Czechoslovakia) | Valdez (Portugal) | Quando os Bravos se Encontram (Brasil)


  • Cast: Burt Lancaster (Valdez), Susan Clark (Gay Erin), Frank Silvera (Diego), Jon Cypher (Frank Tanner), Richard Jordan (R.L. Davis), Barton Heyman (El Segundo), Hector Elizondo (Mexican Rider), Phil Brown (Malson), Ralph Brown (Beaudry), Werner Hasselmann (Sheriff)(as Werner Hassleman), Lex Monson (Rincon), Roberta Haynes (Polly), Sylvia Poggioli (Segundo`s Girl), José Garcí­a Garcí­a (Carlos)(as Jose Garcia Garcia), María Montez (Anita)(as Maria Montez), Juanita Penaloza (Indian Woman), Marta Tuch (Rosa), Juan Fernández (Mexican Buyer)(as Juan Fernandez), Rudy Ugland (First Tracker), Tony Epper (Bodyguard)(as Tony Eppers), Concha Hombria (Inez), Vic Albert (Townsman), Per Barclay (Townsman), Allen Russell (Townsman), James Lemp (Point Rider), Raúl Castro (Young Mexican)(as Raoul Castro)
  • Story: "Valdez is Coming" by Elmore Leonard
  • Screenplay: Roland Kibbee, David Rayfiel
  • Cinematography: Gábor Pogány [1,85:1]
  • Music: Charles Gross

Filming locations

  • Almería, Andalucí­a (Spain)
  • Estudios Roma, Madrid (Spain)
  • Sierra de Gredos ridge, Ávila, Castilla y León (Spain)


Burt Lancaster is blue-eyed Mexican (Bob Valdez), a constable of a border town, who tries to interfere in a conflict involving a black man, a gun runner (John Cypher) and his men. Cypher thinks the black man has killed his brother, and is desperate to bring him to justice.

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