Verflucht, dies Amerika

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Verflucht dies Amerika (West Germany, Spain 1973 / Director: Volker Vogeler)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Verflucht Poster.jpg Contents:

  • Runtime: 95 min
  • Release Date: 7.9.1973

Also known as

La banda de Jaider (Spain) | Jaider's Gang (International title) | Yankee Dudler (USA) | A Quadrilha de Jader (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: William Berger (Doc Holliday), Geraldine Chaplin (Kate Elder), Arthur Brauss (Sebastian Jennerwein), Francisco Algora (Andreas Hofleitner), Sigi Graue (Joseph Mayer), Joaquín Rodrí­guez (Matias Hofleitner), Fred Stillkrauth (Petrus Kapuszkta), Eduardo Fajardo (Heinrich 'Henry' Surkov), Roberto Font (August Keller), Tito García (Owen Mastermein, saloon proprietor), Luis Barboo (Sheriff Dave), Angel Alvarez (Milton Westcott, banker), Fernando Bilbao (Fritz), Frank Braña (John Sontag, hired gun), Xavier Larra, Kiti Manver, Fernando Sánchez Polack (Sitting Dog), Ketty de la Cámara (squaw), Alfonso de la Vega (photographer), Julián del Monte, Julio Monje, Antonio Padilla (Surkov henchman), Mario Pardo, Kinoto, Dan van Husen (Buck Miller, hired gun), Alicia Sánchez
  • Story: Volker Vogler, Ulf Miehe, Bernardo Fernández
  • Screenplay: Volker Vogler, Ulf Miehe, Bernardo Fernández
  • Cinematography: Luis Cuadrado (Eastmancolor - Panorámico)
  • Music: Luis De Pablo


Having been expelled from their native country, a group of ne'er-do-wells immigrate to America, but with their luck mostly bad, find life is difficult and fortune hard to come by in the West.

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