Verschollene Inka-Gold, Das

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Das verschollene Inka-Gold (France / West Germany / Romania, 1978 / Director: Wolfgang Staudte)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Poarta de aur.jpg Contents:

Also known as

L'or des Incas (France) | Poarta de aur a incasilor (Romania) | Az inkák aranya (Hungary) | Wyprawa po zloto (Poland) | The Lost Gold of the Incas

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Vadim Glowna (Brian Jones), Ruby Manila (Ina), Amza Pellea (Yakata), Maria Meriko (Teresa), Alexander Allerson (Ben Collins), Cornel Coman, Stefan Mihailescu-Braila (Wade), Mihai Paladescu (Setliffe), Cadri (Indian), Corneliu Gîrbea (Domingo)
  • Story: "The Hussy" by Jack London
  • Screenplay: Walter Ulbrich
  • Cinematography: Alexandru David
  • Music: Hans Posegga
  • Producer: Constantin Toma


Having hired on for an oil company as a train driver, the engineer Brian Jones is sent to a South American country, where he is to secure the transport of oil. Very quickly Jones comes to realize that the region is teeming with bandits and murderers. He experiences a number of life-threatening adventures, but the biggest challenge is still to come: When Jones learns of a mysterious Inca treasure he makes every effort to find it at any price.


Broadcast on German and French television and shown in theatres in Eastern Europe.

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