Villa Rides

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Villa Rides (USA, Spain 1968 / Buzz Kulik)


Villa rages! Villa lusts! Villa kills! VILLA RIDES!

Also known as

Viva! Viva Villa! (Italy) | Villa jede! (Czech Republic) | Pancho Villova jízda (Czech Republic)


  • Cast: Yul Brynner (Pancho Villa), Robert Mitchum (Lee Arnold), Maria Grazia Buccella (Fina (as Grazia Buccella)), Charles Bronson (Rodolfo Fierro), Herbert Lom (Gen. Victoriano Huerta), Robert Viharo (Urbina), Frank Wolff (Ramirez), Alexander Knox (President Francisco Madero), Diana Lorys (Emilita), Bob Carricart (Don Luis), Fernando Rey (Fuentes), José María Prada (Major), Antonio Ruiz (Juan), Jill Ireland (Girl in restaurant), Regina de Julián (Lupita), Julio Peàta (General), Andrés Monreal (Capt. Herrera), John Ireland (Client in barber shop), Seyyal Taner (Guerrilla Girl (uncredited)), José Riesgo (Villa cook)
  • Written by: Robert Towne (screenplay), Sam Peckinpah (screenplay), William Douglas Lansford (adaptation)
  • Cinematography: Jack Hildyard
  • Music: Maurice Jarre
  • Producer: Ted Richmond

Filming locations

  • El Casar de Talamanca, Guadalajara, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
  • Madrid, Spain
  • Spain


An American adventurer uses his plane to run guns to the federales. He is forced to stay in Mexico for a while when the landing gear of this plane must be repaired and then quickly finds out how cruel the federales are. When he’s captured by Pancho Villa and his revolutionary forces, Villa offers him a choice: aid the revolutionaries or die.


  • Sam Peckinpah wrote the original script and was set to direct, but Yul Brynner didn't like the script because it made Pancho Villa - a man who had given standing orders to shoot all prisoners - "look like a bad guy". Peckinpah was fired and his script was rewritten by Robert Towne to conform to Brynner's idea of what Villa was like.
  • One of the extras in the film, playing a Mexican guerrilla girl, is Turkish singer Seyyal Taner. She would later receive notoriety for scoring no points in the 1987 Eurovision song contest.

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