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Vsadnik bez golovy

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Vsadnik bez golovy (Soviet Union, Cuba 1972 / Director: Vladimir Vajnštok)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Vsadnik bez golovy.jpg Contents:

Also known as

The Headless Rider | Reiter ohne Kopf (Germany) | Jeździec bez głowy (Poland)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Lyudmila Savelyeva (Louise Poindexter), Oleg Vidov (Maurice Gerald), Alejandro Lugo (Woodley Poindexter), Eslinda Núñez (Isidora Cavarubina), Enriques Santiesteban (Miguel Diaz), Aleksandr Milokostyj, Ivan Petrov (Zeb Stump), Aarne Üksküla (Cassius Calhoun), Rolando Dias Reyes (major), Aleksandr Milokostyi (Henry Poindecter), Platon Leslie (judge), Alfonso Gonzales (Pluton), Oleg Popov, V. Belovotsky, V. Iontov, Ye. Kharkevich, A. Kosmachevsky, N. Lexgishvili, V. Molodkin, D. Sechkaryov, Vladimir Vajnštok, V. Veselkin, A. Vladimirov, A. Yefimov
  • Story: "The Headless Rider" by Thomas Mayne Reed
  • Screenplay: Vladimir Vajnštok (as Vladimir Vladimirov), Pavel Finn
  • Cinematography: Konstantin Ryzhov [black & white, color]
  • Music: Nikita Bogoslovsky
  • Producers: Grachya Mekinyan, Yakov Rivosh


Morris, a poor Irish cowboy, falls in love with a rich Texan girl. When Morris discovers the local citizen is the leader of a gang of outlaws his brother disappears and is seen riding the countryside headless. Morris is almost lynched for his brother’s murder but escapes and takes on the outlaw gang single-handed.


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