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Water (Netherlands 2012 / Directors: Wouter Jansen and Imre Kleinlugtenbelt)

  • Runtime: 16 min 25 s
  • Release Date: 27.02.2012

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Marc R. Kooij ('Water'), Sven Bijma (Jonathan Rich), Danny Da Costa (Slim Corbet), Harm Siegel (John Frusc), Kim Hoyer (Rose), Kees van der Bie (Sheriff), Sander de Vries (Drunk man in saloon), Bertin van Vliet (Drunk man in saloon), Lars van Overbeek (Bartender) uncredited)
  • Voice actors: Jan H. de Hartog ('Water'), Salah Edin (John Frusc), Judith Edixhoven (Rose), Danny Da Costa (Sheriff)
  • Screenplay: Wouter Jansen
  • Cinematography: Sjoerd Hobelman, Rutger Hollander
  • Music: Theo Vosse
  • Editing: Wouter Jansen, Bertin van Vliet
  • Producer: Wouter Jansen


Two men, a wanderer in need of water, and a sophisticated lowlife, having been thrown out of the saloon and in need of money, meet face to face in the town street in this Dutch western.

Filming Locations

  • Wekeromse Zand, Gelderland, Netherlands
  • The Lodge, Gilze, Netherlands