Western All'Italiana Volume 3

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Title: Western All'Italiana Volume 3 (100 more must-see movies)


Authors: Foreword by Giuliano Gemma. Text by Antonio Bruschini, Antonio Tentori.

Year: 2006

Pages: 128

Publisher: Glittering Images

Language: English and Italian

Hardcover, Black and White / Color.

Average Price: ~$45

Brief review: This third volume in the series basically covers the remaining key films missing after the first two in chronological order, giving cast and crew information followed by a review for each film. In some senses there's no real theme: the important directors were covered in volume 1, volume 2 looked at the excesses of the genre, and volume 3 is really the remainder. For the Giuliano Gemma fan there are a reasonable amount of his films listed (hence him writing the foreword I suppose!), possibly because a lot of them were not made by key directors (hence excluded from volume 1), not especially violent (hence excluded from volume 2), but pretty good quality and thus worthy of note. Anthony Steffen's catalogue also gets good coverage, as well as some of the better early Spaghetti Westerns.

As with the other books, there are a good selection of illustrative posters, and both English and Italian text. As an additional feature, there is a (full?) listing of most spaghetti westerns by year with a short amount of cast and crew information, a 1-5 star rating (where seen), and a reference to the Western All'Italiana book the film is discussed in. I feel the star ratings are slightly more critical of the films than the text is at times, so might be a good place to pick what to watch from. Like the other two, this is a quality product, but it suffers slightly from the "odds and ends" feel of gathering up a list of remaining spaghetti westerns.

See also: Western All'Italiana Volume 2, Western All'Italiana Volume 1

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