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THE SPAGHETTI WESTERN COLLECTION by Wild East Productions. This is their entire catalog, sorted by release (newest first, oldest last). Click the titles for more information!

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Volumes 44 to ??

Tramplers WE.jpg KinskiDouble WE.jpg CoffinSundown WE.jpg SartanaBox WE.jpg

Volumes 39 to 43

GuyMadisonDB WE.jpg Brute&Beast2 WE.jpg ElRojo WE.jpg Craig Hill DB WE.jpg NestTails WE.jpg

Volumes 35 to 38

DRH WildEast.jpg Killer we36.jpg PlaceRoad WE.jpg DjangoSartana WE.jpg AliveKiss WE.jpg

Volumes 30 to 34

HiltonDoubleWEdvd.jpg ArizonaColt WE.jpg Comp1a.jpg ItCanBeDoneAmigo WildEast34.jpg DamonDouble WE.jpg

Volumes 25 to 29

Longridedvd.jpg Dontturndvd.jpg Wildeast27.jpg Powers dvd.jpg GhidraDoubleWE.jpg

Volumes 21 to 24

Forgottenpistolerounholyfour.jpg Killthemallandcomebackalone.jpg 3bulletsringowildeastdvdvol23.jpg Wildeastbyrnes.jpg Ringocobrawe.jpg

Volumes 16 to 20

Reasonlivereasondie.jpg Fortyumagolddvd.jpg Clint1-2.jpg Cjamangodvdwildeast.jpg Hateneighbordjangolastkiller.jpg

Volumes 11 to 15

Sartanawe.jpg Dirtyoutlaws.jpg Gentlemankiller.jpg Tasteofkilling.jpg Matalo.jpg

Volumes 6 to 10

Manfromnowhere.jpg Killandpray.jpg Pistoleros.jpg Benandcharlie.jpg Cleefdouble.jpg

Volumes 1 to 5

Fistfulltrailers.jpg Boothill.jpg Dayofanger.jpg Previewsmore.jpg Johnnyyumadevilwinchester.jpg

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