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Yankee (Italy, Spain 1966 / Director: Tinto Brass)

  • Runtime: 104 min
  • Release Date: 25.8.1966
  • Filming locations: Cardiel, Cinca - Huesca

Also known as

L'Americano (Italy) | Yankee l'americano (Italy) | El Yankee ovvero matar o morir (Spain) | El Yankee (Spain)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Philippe Leroy (Yankee), Adolfo Celi (Grande Concho/Cougar), Jacques Herlin (Philosopher, Cougar henchman), Tomas Torres (Ruiz, Cougar henchman), Francisco Sanz (Consalvo), Franco De Rosa (Angel Face, Cougar henchman), Pasquale Basile (Gold Teeth, Cougar henchman), Giorgio Bret Schneider (Painter, Cougar henchman), Renzo Pevarello (Portuguese, Cougar henchman), Antonio Basile (Tattoo, Cougar henchman), Tomas Milton (Tom), Cesar Ojinaga (Deputy), Valentino Macchi (Garcia, Cougar henchman), Henriquetta Señalada (cantina girl ?), Osiride Pevarello (Cougar henchman), José Halufi [as José Jalufi](Perro, unfaithful Cougar henchman), Mirella Martin (Rosita), Ví­ctor Israel (sheriff)
  • Story: Alberto Silvestri, Tinto Brass
  • Screenplay: Tinto Brass, Alberto Silvestri, Giancarlo Fusco, Alfonso Balcazar Granda
  • Cinematography: Alfio Contini [Eastmancolor - Panoramica]
  • Music: Nini Rosso


Yankee, (Philippe Leroy in his first western) is a bounty killer who decides to take on a bandit chief and his henchmen when he realises the prices on all their heads adds up to a tidy sum. The bandit, El Grande Concho (Adolfo Celi), is lord of the entire region and resides like a king at court in an abandoned church surrounded by his entourage of philosopher, painter, fortune teller and soldiers; robbing and murdering anyone who ventures into his territory. Add to this a shipment of gold big enough to make them all rich beyond their dreams and the stage is set for gunplay, intrigue and cruelty as the lone gunman sets his wits and skills against the might of the megalomaniac leader.

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