Brand of Shame

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Brand of Shame (USA, West Germany 1968 / Director: Byron Mabe [as B. Ron Elliott])

Also known as

Nude Django (U.S.A.) | Django Nudo und die lüsternen Mädchen von Porno Hill (West Germany)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Steve Turner (as Steve Stunning), Donna West (as Donna Duzzit), Steve Allen (as Bart Black), Edger Wertz (as Vic Sav), Lynn Hall (as Ora Fiss), Paula Pleasure (Delilah), Marsha Jordan (as Vanessa Van Dyke), Dan Martin (as Ronnie Runningboard)(George), Samantha Scott (saloon girl), Linda Cochran (saloon girl), Kathy Williams (saloon girl), David F. Friedman (stagecoach driver), John Eversteiff (Django/Craig Benson), Raphael Britten (as Raffael Britten)
  • Story: David F. Friedman
  • Screenplay: Gene Radford, David F. Driedman, Ron Elliott (as Byron Mabe)
  • Cinematography: Andreas Demmer (as I.C. Freely) [Eastmancolor]
  • Music: Walter Baumgartner (German version), William Allen Castleman (as Billy Allen)
  • Producers: David F. Friedman, Erwin C. Dietrich


A young school teacher arrives in Boon City/Porno Hill, Texas seeking the deed to her inherited mine. Django kidnaps the girl and in exchange for the deed forces her to give him and his gang sexual pleasure.

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