Cinemas of your hometown

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This week I've found a site composed of cinemas around south west Germany. There are new multiplex buildings but also some old ones which are still busy. Most of them are gone and one of them is the Universum in Kaiserslautern :


The picture was made 1960, about 4 years after it was built. The gates opened on 16.8.1956 and from this time till 1967, Fritz Walter, the famous son of the town, managed the cinema. His wife, Italia, was working at the box office.

Inside there was a 14 meter cinemascope screen and seats for nearly 1000 people. After 1967 it was managed by a big cinema company until the 80's. The downward number of visitors and missing receipts brought it slowly to the end.

Universum 1988.jpg

This picture was made 1988; and in the early 90's the Universum was closed forever. The building still exists, but inside are only business rooms and it looks very cold.

Did I forget any?

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