Glory Glory

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Glory Glory (UK, South Africa 2000 / Director: Paul Matthews)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern


Also known as

Hooded Angels | Anioły w maskach (Poland)


Cast: Amanda Donohoe (Widow Wilson), Steven Bauer (Jack), Paul Johansson (Wes), Gary Busey (Sheriff Ben), Chantelle Stander (Hannah (as Chantell Stander)), Juliana Venter (Ellie), David Dukas (Billy), Gideon Emery (Sil), Jenna Dover (Jane Wilson), Julie Hartley (April), Candice Argall (Becky), Jennifer Steyn (Christa), Ana Alexander (as Anna Katerina)(Marie), Michelle Bradshaw (Sherrie), Cordell McQueen (Beard), Greg Melvill Smith (Confederate general), Ron Smerczak (packer), Daniel Lee (bathhouse assistant), Andre Jacques van der Merwe (priest), Nick Boraine (Frank), Lynne White (Ellie's grandmother), Dale Cutts (old timer), Russel Savadier (Roy), Wilson Dunster (Sheriff Sam Shepard), Donald Woodburn (bank teller), John Lesley (bank manager), Robin Smith (Silus), Marcel van Heerden (Deek), Conner Dowds (Tommy), Anne Curteis (old lady), Jocelyn Broderick (woman hostage), Graham Lucas (customer), Alan Granville (customer), Ian Rossouw (drunken soldier), Graham Clarke (gunman), Alyzzander Fourie (gunman), Hannes Muller (posse), Michael Maxwell (posse), Iain Winter Smith (posse), Cecil Carter (posse), Rik Proost (posse), Damon Thomas (posse), Glen Vaughan (posse), Jacques Gombault (posse), Anthony Bishop (milita), Anthony Coleman (militia), Philip Moolman (militia), Ian Rossouw (militia), Carl Beukes (militia), Graham Anderson (casino manager), Judith Ditchfield (old whore), Victor Mellaney (old man)

  • Story: Paul Matthews
  • Screenplay: Paul Matthews
  • Cinematography: Vincent G. Cox [Fujicolor]
  • Music: Mark Thomas
  • Producers: Elizabeth Matthews, Paul Matthews

Filming locations

South Africa


A band of women hit the trail of revenge after a group of Confederate soldiers kill their families and destroy their town.

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