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The Spaghetti Western Database


From The Spaghetti Western Database

This month, while of course still filling the pages with content and all, I want to focus on some basics things about the Spaghetti Western Database and I hope you can help me.

a) The BROWSEpage: Please post ideas on how to improve this page or what you think should be added to it

b) The Alphabetical index of common titles: It needs to be filled, so please help adding titles of famous films and provide links to the articles, I think this page is a great start and sometimes easier than the search tool. Please lets keep it to common titles in German, English, French etc, no need to add every single alternate title that exists.

c) Shopping guides: I already started converting some of the useful overviews from the Forum to the main site. Please help expanding and all. We could create additional pages for example "French DVDs overview" (which should have indicators on German or Enlish subtitles) or a list of DVDs that are just too bad to spend money on, so to warn others, etc. Don't be shy, post your suggestions here

d) BOOKS: Please help adding books, there are a lot more outside than those I've already added.

e) Articles: It would be cool to have a lot more essays, term explanations and more knowledge articles (of course no plagiarisms please write the stuff yourself)....

f)The TV TICKER: Please open your TV magazine and post all showings of Spaghetti Westerns. I usually check the German TV guide every week. Try to find them, post the dates and times so that this can become a truely great TV guide for Spaghetti Western fans

g) The Help pages: Please give me some feedback and ideas on how to improve it and make it easier for newcomers to understand how the software works

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