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Vivi o, preferibilmente, morti

From The Spaghetti Western Database

Vivi o, preferibilmente, morti (Italy, Spain 1969 / Director: Duccio Tessari)

  • Runtime: 101 min
  • Release Date: 17.9.1969
  • Filming Locations: Colmenar viejo, Titulcia, Alcala de Henares - Madrid

Also known as

Alive or Preferably Dead (U.S.A.) | Sundance Cassidy and Butch the Kid (U.S.A.) | Sundance and the Kid (U.S.A.) | Vivos o preferiblemente muertos (Spain) | Dios la cria, y Ringo los mata! (Spain) | Friß oder Stirb (Germany) | Friss oder Stirb | Halleluja für 2 Galgenvögel (Germany) | Ein Halleluja für zwei Pistolen (Germany) | Verrückte Erbschaft (Germany) | Sundance Cassidy und Butch the Kid (Germany) | Auf der Jagd nach den goldenen Vermächtnis (Germany) | Die Erbschaft (Germany) | Oi kakopoioi (Greece) | Preerian rämäpäät (Finland) | Żywi, a najlepiej martwi (Poland) | Mort ou vif… de preference mort (France) | Gentleman Cow Boy (France) | Antes morto que vivo (Portugal) | Jakten efter en handful dollar (Sweden) | Maglup olmayanlar (Turkey) | Dood of levend... Liefst dood (Belgium) | Vivo Ou Preferivelmente Morto (Brazil) | 荒野の大活劇 (Japan)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Giuliano Gemma (Monty Mulligan), Nino Benvenuti (Ted Mulligan), Sydne Rome (Rossella/Scarlett Scott), Chris Huerta (James 'Bad Jim' Williams), Antonio Casas (Barnes), Julio Peña (doctor), George Rigaud (Mr. Scott), Dan van Husen (Ranger), Luis Barboo (Ranger), Victor Israel (mayoral candidate supporter), Juan Olaguivel (blind conman), Vicente Roca (mayoral candidate), Brizio Montinaro, Arturo Pallandino, José Canalejas (Ranger), Rafael Albaicín (train passenger), Simón Arriaga (Bad Jim henchman), Joaquin Parra (Bad Jim henchman), Alvaro de Luna (Bad Jim henchman), Herman Reynoso (MacIntosh brother), Agustin Bescos (dinner guest), Antonio Orengo (dinner guest)


Two estranged brothers, a city gambler and a farmer living out West, inherit a fortune on the condition they manage to endure each other for a period of six months. Arriving at his brother’s place, the city boy insults a local gang leader, who burns down the house. Now the two brothers have to do all kind of stupid things to make a living (and pass the time), like robbing banks and kidnapping rich people’s daughters.


The film was supposed to make a star out of boxing champion Nino Benvenuti. For the occasion Giuliano Gemma was reunited with ‘Ringo director‘ Duccio Tessari. While not awful, the movie isn’t particularly good either. The opening scene (set in turn of the century New York) is nice, some jokes are funny, but the script merely is a series of vignettes that do not hang together. Sydne Rome is sexy in her first appearance in an Italian movie. – Scherpschutter

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