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  • Django NTSC Region 0 US Blue Underground DVD - Franco Nero's Spaghetti Western debut and a film likely to be in most fans of the genre's top ten. An incredible, graphically violent movie, almost comic book style in its presentation. Indeed the director Sergio Corbucci got the idea for Django from a character in a comic book he picked up at the newsstand on Via Vento in Rome. Django made such an impact with movie audiences and filmmakers that its resonances are still seen in films today. The movie spawned twenty unofficial sequels in Italy, with guns hidden in a variety of bizarre objects. Also many other Italian Westerns were renamed in other countries, putting Django in their title to cash in on the movies popularity. With a total of over thirty unofficial Django films since its release in 1966 it is surprising the official sequel Django Strikes Again wasn't made until 1986. To greatly improve your enjoyment of this film I recommend you watch the Italian dub with the English subtitles on and not only the English dub version. The English subtitles are a translation of the Italian audio and this differs from the English audio quite considerably. While the basic story remains the same in both versions, the English dub changes and even omits many lines of dialogue throughout the film and subtly scripted relationships between characters are altered. SPOILER WARNING! Even the very ending of the film suffers. In the Italian dub, the showdown being in a graveyard, Django rather appropriately sends the Klansmen to their graves as he finishes the last rights their leader Major Jackson is presumptuously saying for Django himself. In the English dub this is changed to Major Jackson saying "So now begin your prayer, I can't hear you." with Django replying "Can you hear this?" before shooting them. SPOILER ENDS! Regarding picture quality, this DVD being re-mastered from the damaged original camera negative, I personally don't find it distracting from my enjoyment of the film. While some celluloid decomposition is very noticeable in quite a few places (appearance of "staining" on the film), the image remains stable at all times and is otherwise of excellent quality. A fantastic Spaghetti Western, banned in several countries until quite recently and one of my most favourite movies of all time.--The Halitosis Kid 10:21, 4 December 2006 (CET)