Sfaires den gyrizoun piso, Oi

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This film is set in the Greek countryside. It tells its story with Western Films aesthetics.

Οι Σφαίρες δεν Γυρίζουν Πίσω/Bullets Don't Turn Back (Greece 1967 / Director: Nikos Foskolos)

  • Runtime: 116 min
  • Release Date: 9th October 1967 (Greece)

Also known as

Oi Sfaires den gyrizoun piso (Greece) | Bullets Don't Turn Back (international) | Bullets Don't Come Back | Les balles ne reviennent pas (France)

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Kostas Kazakos (Tsacos), Angelos Antonopoulos (Stathis Karatsos), Mema Stathopoulou (Pigi Karatasou), Spyros Kalogirou (outlaw leader - Tsamis), Betty Arvaniti (warden's mistress - Anastasia), Pavlos Liaros (Raiko Velez), Kostas Bakas (Judge), Hristos Daktylidis, Theodoros Dovas (as Thodoros Dovas), Hristos Drakonakis, Kostas Georgalis, Yorgos Kafkas, Nikos Kalodis, Fanis Karakousis, Haritini Karolou, Dimitri Karystinos, Giannis Kasdaglis, Giorgos Koliopanos (as Giorgos Koliopantos), Nikos Kouros, Giorgos Kovaios (constable), Nikos Lykomitros, Apostolos Pantzos, Vlasis Paouris, Nikos Potsis, Spiros Tselepis
  • Screenplay: Nikos Foskolos
  • Cinematographer: Nikos Dimopoulos [black & white]
  • Film Editing: Petros Lykas
  • Assistant Director: Michalis Papanikolaou
  • Sound Department: Mikes Damalas, Mimis Kasimatis
  • Set Designer: Markos Zervas, Mimis Antoniou
  • Make-up Department: Nikos Xepapadakos
  • Costume Design: Mary Tsagaraki
  • Production Manager: Markos Zervas
  • Producer: Philopemen Finos


From a tragic misunderstanding, the farmer Stathis Karatasos (Angelos Antonopoulos) is accused as the leader of a notorious gang. He manages to escape just before getting executed and the law enforcement starts chasing him. Even the bandits are looking to find him, believing that he has the loot of the robbery in his possession. In addition, another prisoner called Tsakos (Kostas Kazakos) tryies to locate him and bring him back dead or alive, in order to ensure the freedom promised to him by the police. But, when he meets the family of Stathis, he will change his mind and protect them from the bandits.


  • The movie played in the theaters of Athens, Piraeus and their suburbs in 1967, sold 307.094 tickets and took the 24th place among 99 films that year.
  • Kostas Kazakos had entered Finos Film just in the last season co-staring with Jenny Karezi in the film “Concert for Machine-guns”, they fell in love. Later they got married and in the season 1967-1968 they co-stared again, this time under the direction of Nikos Foskolos, in the film Love and Blood.
  • Bullets Don't Turn Back won the award for best production and soundtrack of the year 1967 in the 8th Thessaloniki International Film Festival.

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