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Bandidos (Spain, Italy 1967 / Director: Massimo Dallamano (as Max Dillmann))

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  • Runtime: 93 min
  • Release Date: 15.10.1967

Also known as

Crepa tu... che vivo io! (Italy) | La pistole della vendetta (Italy) | Bandidos (Spain / France / Germany / Brazil/ U.S.A.) | Mannen med dom genomskjutna kanderna (Sweden) | Guns of Death (U.K.) | You Die... But I Live | Bandidos - elä kostaaksesi (Finland) | Banditos (Greece) | Le pistole della vendetta (France)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Terry Jenkins (Ricky Shot/Philip Raymond), Enrico Maria Salerno (Richard Martin), Venantino Venantini (Billy Kane), Maria Martin (Betty Starr), Fred Robsahm (Kane henchman), Chris Huerta (Vigonza), Marco Guglielmi (Kramer), Ví­ctor Israel (train conductor), Roberto Messina, Valentino Macchi, Antonio Pica, Arthur Chase, Jesus Puente, Massimo Scarchielli (Munoz), Renzo Pevarello (Ezekial), Aysanoa Runachagua (Mexican bandit), Gino Barbacane, Giancarlo Sisti, Claudio Scarchilli, Luciano Pallocchia, Giancarlo Bastianoni (Sam), Juan Jose Milian, Franco Morici, Osiride Pevarello (saloon patron)
  • Story: Luis Laso, Juan Cobos
  • Screenplay: Juan Cobos, Romano Migliorini, Gianbattista Mussetto
  • Cinematography: Emilio Foriscot [Technicolor, Techniscope 2.35:1]
  • Music: Egisto Macchi
  • Song: "La ballata del treno" sung by Nico Fidenco
  • Producer: Solly V. Bianco


Cult filmmaker Massimo Dallamano (What Have You Done to Solange?) directed this impressive spaghetti western -- his only foray into the genre -- under the pseudonym "Max Dillman." Enrico Maria Salerno stars as gunslinger Richard Martin, whose hands are destroyed in a battle with outlaw Billy Kane (Guglielmi). Years later, Martin runs a Wild West show, and harbors a fugitive named Ricky Shot (Jenkins), teaching him the art of gunfighting. The vengeful Martin and his protege eventually track down the ruthless Kane, leading to a surprising conclusion. This stirring revenge film also features a dynamic musical score by Egisto Macchi. Filmmaker Romano Migliorini collaborated on the script with Giambattista Mussetto and Juan Cobos.


  • Massimo Dallamano was Sergio Leone's director of photography.
  • Enrico Maria Salerno was the Italian voice of Clint Eastwood's "Man with No Name".


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