Invincibile cavaliere mascherato, L'

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L'invincibile cavaliere mascherato (Italy, France 1963 / Director: Umberto Lenzi)

  • Runtime: 96 min
  • Release Date: 29.3.1963

Also known as

The Invincible Masked Rider (U.K.) | Invincible Masked Rider (U.S.A.) | L'invincible cavalier masqué (France) | L'invincible cavalier noir (France) | Terror of the Black Mask (U.S.A.) | Terrore di masque di indio (Italy) | Kavalier mit der schwarzen Maske (Germany) | Robin Hood in der Stadt des Todes West (Germany) | El caballero enmascarado (Spain) | Zorro, o aoratos ekdikitis (Greece)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Pierre Brice (Don Diego/Zorro), Daniele Vargas (Don Luis), Hélène Chanel (Carmencita Gomez), Massimo Serato (Don Rodrigo), Gisella Arden (Maria), Aldo Bufi Landi (Francisco), Carlo Latimer (Tacuba), Nerio Bernardi (Don Gomez), Romano Ghini (Maurilio), Tullio Altamura (Dr. Bernarius), Ignazio Balsamo (first plague victim), Clara Bindi (wife of 1st plague victim), Salvatore Campochiaro (Alvarez), Guido Celano (Dr. Aguilera), Gino Marturano (goateed rebel), Eleonora Morana (Rosario), Piero Pastore (brother of 1st plague victim), Nello Pazzafini [as Giovanni Pazzafini] (Alonzo), Sina Relli (kidnapped girl), Gino Soldi (Criso), Attilio Torelli (innkeeper), Amedeo Trilli (robbed man with hooded cloak)
  • Also with: Arrigo Peri (2nd bald man at the inn), Franco De Leone (skinny guy in the background at the inn)
  • Screenplay: Gino De Santis, Umberto Lenzi, Guido Malatesta, Luciano Martino
  • Cinematography: Augusto Tiezzi [Eastmancolor, Totalscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Angelo Francesco Lavagnino
  • Producer: Fortunato Misiano


This is an Italian-French period costume piece retelling the Zorro legend, convincingly set in 1600s Spain. Pierre Brice (Winnetou) stars as Don Diego, who makes daring masked raids on his tyrannical stepfather's troops and incites the locals to stage an uprising.

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