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W Django!/Opinions

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  • Somewhat similar in concept to "Death Rides A Horse", "W Django!" perhaps isn't the best revenge film ever but it's still an enjoyable one. The main problem with it being about 40 minutes into the film we are given a blatant clue to its ending. It rather spoils the plot and if this had been made less obvious the film would have a more surprising finale. Anthony Steffen takes inspiration more from "The Man With No Name" than the original "Django" for his portrayal of the hero, he adds some nice touches though. "Django" removes two bullets from the magazine of his gun so when it misfires his enemies think he is completely out of bullets. Also "Django's" third arm trick is quite fun, one of the two arms he holds up in surrender is a branch of a tree shoved up his sleeve with a glove on the end, this leaves his real arm free for more surprise shooting. The films main title music is very catchy and slightly reminiscent of the title music in "For A Few Dollars More". Being taken from a music box containing a picture of "Django's" murdered wife, which he reveals to her killers just before shooting them. All in all worth checking out, particularly if you can get hold of the German "New Entertainment World" DVD "Ein Fressen Fur Django" which is presented in its correct 2.35:1/16:9 widescreen format and includes English, German and Italian audio options.--The Halitosis Kid 11:38, 5 January 2007 (CET)
  • Django's wife is raped and killed by "The Cloverleaf Gang". The only member he knows is a Mexican horse thief and he helps him to take his revenge. This is a B-western. Or even Z-western. It tries to be a comedy, which is very annoying. There is no fun in it, it's all just bad quality, although Anthony Steffen gives his best shot. Piero Umiliani's score is great, there ai'nt nothing to say about that. I think you should just watch out for this Django flick, even if you are a die hard spaghetti western fan. My name in the forum is Silence if you want to contact me.

by Silence

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