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Blindman (Italy, USA 1971 / Director: Ferdinando Baldi)

  • Runtime: 106 min
  • Release Date: 11.11.1971
  • Filming Locations: Almería

Also known as

Il Cieco (Italy) | Il Pistolero cieco (Italy) | Blindman - Der Vollstrecker (Germany) | Blindman, le justicier aveugle (France) | O Cego (Brazil) | Preso Na Escuridão (Brazil) | Sokea tappaja (Finland) | La marca del ciego (Argentina) | El justiciero ciego (Spain) | Il pistolero cieco (Spain) | O justiciero sem olhos (Portugal) | A morte do Pistolero (Portugal) | 50 gyaikes gia to pistoli mou (Greece) | To exasfairo tis prodosias (Greece) | 盲目ガンマン Mekura Gunman (Japan) | Slepý pistolník (Czechoslovakia) | O Justiceiro Cego (Brazil)


  • Cast: Tony Anthony (Blindman/Ciego), Ringo Starr (Candy), Agneta Eckemyr (Pilar), Lloyd Battista (Domingo), Magda Konopka (Sweet Mama), Raf Baldassarre (Mexican General), Marisa Solinas (Margherita), Franz von Treuberg (as Franz Treuberg)(Pilar`s Father), David Petitto [as David Dreyer](Dude), Gaetano Scala (gatling gun operator), Mary Badin (bride), Dominique Badou (bride), Carla Brait (Domingo maid), Shirley Corrigan (bride), Giuliana Giuliani (bride), Karin Skaresso (bride), Malisa Longo (bride), Katerina Lindfelt (bride), Alice Mannell (bride), Krista Nell (bride), Maria Gentilini [as Helen Parker](bride), Janine Raynaud (prostitute), Solvi Stubing (bride), Melu Valente (bride), John Friedrick, Guido Mannari, Fortunato Arena (Mexican officer), Salvalore Billa (Mexican soldier), Lucretia Love (bride), Isabella Savona (bride), Elena Veronese (bride), Diana Lorys (bride), Mirta Miller (bride), Remo de Angelis, Tito Garcia (train engineer), Tomas Rudy (Mexican soldier), Ennio Antonelli (Mexican officer), Renato Romano (Skunk), Mal Evans (bearded rifleman), Allen Klein (fat rifleman)


  • Story: Tony Anthony
  • Screenplay: Piero Anchisi, Tony Anthony, Vincenzo Cerami
  • Cinematography: Riccardo Pallottini [Technicolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Stelvio Cipriani
  • Producers: Saul Swimmer, Tony Anthony


The blind gunslinger, Blindman, must track down fifty mail-order brides he's been contracted to deliver after being double crossed by his partner, Skunk. All fifty have been sold to three outlaw siblings-Domingo, Candy, and Sweet Mama-who themselves plan to sell them to the Mexican army. Blindman must rescue not just his fifty brides, but another woman, Pilar, who Candy is madly in love with. Read a full review


"After the surprising worldwide success of the first 2 Stranger films, actor-producer Tony Anthony seemed to have realised that his odd sense of humour (which remains singular many years after) deserves much of the "success credit". ... With Blindman, Anthony, in collaboration with director Ferdinando Baldi, decides to really push the boundaries of the SW. The result was another international success, and one of the most unusual films ever made." (William Connolly)

And Blindman is really a western of exorbitances, and excesses, and crudities, but succeeds in building on an overall feel of a tasteful tastelessness. Even the beautiful music seems to be aggressive. And the greatest exorbitance is, that it is after all a surprisingly stylishly made film.

by Stanton

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