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This new list is based on Episode 32 of Tom and Jay"s excellent weekly The Spaghetti Westerns Podcast on hard to find titles that streamed on January 8, 2021. Sebastian made a few tweaks here and there (e.g. removing those that had at least some crummy streaming version or foreign VHS, DVD or Laserdisc etc. listed on the database) so these are the 35 spaghetti westerns left that are very hard to find (we did not count availability on gray market release sites or video portals like YouTube for this). These titles are in no particular order.

  • If you have any leads or hints on where to find some of these titles, please join our forums (topic "The rarest of the rare") and let us know, or send an email!

This list is still under construction, check back later or join the above mentioned forum topic to help shape it!

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